Exciting Updates From AADL

Exciting Updates From AADL

AADL Update Aug 2022

AADL Updates Summer 2022

Ostomates will be excited to learn that Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) has recently made some significant updates to its policies and approved product lists in the medical-surgical benefit area, under which ostomy and incontinence supplies are listed. 

AADL Coverage Is Now Available to People With Existing Insurance

AADL has recently updated their eligibility criteria. Albertans with private health insurance that covers less than 100 percent of the cost of medical supplies are eligible for benefits under AADL. Those with 100 percent coverage may become eligible under AADL when their private health insurance coverage is exhausted. To view the updated policy, click here. To enroll, please visit our AADL info page.

AADL Has Increased Their Coverage For Ostomy Supplies

Did you notice your bill getting cheaper? The amounts AADL will pay for ostomy and incontinence supplies have been updated. The maximum pricing for various ostomy pouches has increased, as was nearly all ostomy supplies; however, it slightly decreased for stoma collars.

Here are a few examples of the coverage increase on some standard ostomy products:

ProductDescriptionAADL CodeMax Price 2021Max Price 2022
One-piece ileostomy/colostomy pouchDrainable with self-closureM005$8.83$9.60
Skin Barrier Wafer/FlangeRegular wearM073$9.58$10.16
Two-piece colostomy/ileostomy pouchClosed-endM003$3.14$3.56
Two-Piece colostomy/ileostomy pouchDrainable with self-closureM006$6.91$8.00

AADL Has Increased Max Quantities For Ostomy Accessories

The quantity limit for skin barrier seals/rings/sheets (AADL catalogue number M069) has increased. It is now possible to obtain coverage for 30 barrier rings every two months, i.e., Eakin Seals, Adapt Barrier Rings or Brava Mouldable Rings. However, those quantities can only be increased based on usage. If you haven’t been ordering full quantities every two months, you will not be eligible for an increase. Please get in touch with your NSWOC for more info.

Improvements to AADL Approved Products List

AADL has updated the general formatting and design of the approved product list, making it more user-friendly. To view the list, click here.

Reauthorization Reminder

We want to remind those using AADL to obtain ostomy supply reimbursement that your authorization for coverage expires every two years. You will need to contact your NSWOC to renew your authorization. We also recommend asking your NSWOC or Ostomy Vendor for your authorization expiry date and marking it in your calendar. By being proactive, you can ensure a continuous supply of ostomy products.

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Update Sept 20, 2022 – A correction was made to a misprint in the AADL Approved Products List, where ostomy deodorant is only offered once every two months, not twice, as we had posted on this blog and in the Fall 2022 edition of the Simply Ostomy Newsletter. We were informed by an NSWOC, however, that it may be possible to attain approval for additional quantities.


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