Serving the Calgary Ostomy Community


The Calgary Ostomy Society

Serving the Calgary Ostomy Community since 1968.

The Calgary Ostomy Society is a member of the Ostomy Canada Society and is dedicated to helping persons with an ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy or J-Pouch. It is a self-governing non-profit, educational health service agency with medical advisers. The Society operates a volunteer visitor service to ostomates and holds quarterly information and social meetings. Meetings are open to all ostomates, their families, friends and supporters.
The Calgary Ostomy Society provides:
– Trained volunteer visitors (all of whom have ostomies/j-pouches) who aid ostomy and j-pouch patients before and after surgery
– Help for ostomy patients to adjust to the emotional and psychological results of ostomy surgery
– Tips for everyday appliance management
– Quarterly meetings with relevant speakers, opportunities to meet Enterostomal Therapists (NSWOC) informally and to learn about new products from manufacturers and vendors. These meetings provide important support as ostomates and their families gain understanding of how to achieve their best quality of life.
– Quarterly Newsletter and Educational Publications We also offer regular support groups, including:
– Small Support Group (for all ostomy types and ages)
– Gutsy Gang Social Club (for those with a bowel & bladder diversion, ie ostomy, j-pouch, between the ages of 18 to 40’s)
– J-Pouch Support Group
– Spouses and Significant Others Support Group
The Calgary Ostomy Society (COS) is a member of the Ostomy Canada Society. Paid membership to the COS includes membership to the Ostomy Canada Society with access to all of its services, including their national glossy publication “Ostomy Canada Magazine”.

Executive Committee

Meet our Executive Committee. We are all ostomates. We are all COS Members. 

Pat Cimmeck


“Pat has dedicated a large portion of her life to Ostomy Canada Society (formerly UOAC). She has been President and past President of UOAC, served as President and past President of the North and Central America and Caribbean Ostomy Association, is a Director on the FOW(C) BOD, has been President of the Calgary Ostomy Society for many years, and has volunteered for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada in Calgary. Pat has also volunteered as Ostomy Canada Youth Camp Administrator for 27 years.”

Tiffany Shorson

Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Gutsy Gang Coordinator

“Tiffany was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1991 at age 10, and by the following year required a colectomy, resulting in her first ileostomy. She has had reversals including a Pediatric Ileoanal Pull Through, J-Pouch & Koch Pouch, and since 2011 has a permanent ileostomy. She has been serving COS since 2015, as newsletter editor, webmaster and coordinates the Gutsy Gang Social Club.”

Helmut D.


“Helmut has an ilestomy and has been a volunteer since 2018, serving as Treasurer to COS.”

Charlene Needham

Volunteer Visiting Coordinator

“Charlene has been volunteering with COS since 2013. She has had a jujenostomy for 8 years & prior to that had an ileostomy. She is married & retired.”

Kaylee Janse

Volunteer Visiting Coordinator

“Kaylee was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2007 and in 2013 her medical journey resulted in a permanent ostomy. She has been volunteering both with the Calgary J-pouch group and the Calgary Ostomy Society for over 5 years. She currently helps to coordinate volunteers for both groups to help new and existing patients incorporate the results of their diversion surgeries successfully into their lives.”

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