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Jerry Colostomy Story

G.I. Joe Didn’t Have It This Bad – Jerry’s Colostomy Story

In 2014, after months of ill health, a cancerous rectal mass was discovered, and Jerry received life-saving colostomy surgery. Here is a story about his health challenges and an honest discussion on colon cancer’s aftermath from a mental and physical perspective.

Urostomy Surgery

Urostomy Surgery – Donna’s Story

Donna has suffered from Cauda Equina Syndrome, a rare disorder which causes loss of bowel & bladder control, since 1985. After dealing with countless UTIs, urostomy surgery was the ultimate solution. In this edition, she shares her experience with prep, surgery & recovery.

Danielle Ostomy Story

Danielle’s Story: Childhood UC To Lifesaving Ostomy

Danielle has lived with Ulcerative Colitis since the age of 12. Learn how she found a solution to an illness that robbed her from living life to the fullest. Here is a story of perseverance and finding peace with a stoma.

J-Pouch Surgery

Chris’s Flight To Recovery – From UC to J-Pouch

Christ is an airline pilot who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. He shares his story of undergoing colectomy surgery and a temporary ileostomy, later having reversal surgery resulting in a j-pouch.