Clarification of AADL Information

Clarification of AADL Information

Clarification of AADL Information

By Karen Langen, NSWOCN (ET), Calgary, AB.

I would just like to clarify 2 areas of information that was provided in the latest issue of the Changing Times newsletter as to AADL benefits.

Reauthorization: when you are first assessed for AADL products the NSWOCN (ET) nurses enter an expiry date for your supplies. This date varies but is usually 2 years from the date of assessment. Prior to this running out, you will need to be reassessed, and a new authorization form with a new expiry date will have to be submitted to AADL. Your NSWOCN (ET) and/or home health care supply store will be able to tell you when the expiry date is, but your medical supply store cannot reauthorize any products for you only the health care professional. Contact the NSWOCN (ET) office in the hospital where you had your surgery if you can’t remember who your nurse was to have a reauthorization done when required.

Insurance: If you have private insurance you must go through this avenue and not AADL. They will not cover the portion of the amount that your insurance will not cover. I.e. say you only have 80% coverage with your insurance company, AADL will not cover the 20%. This portion would be out of pocket. There are some exceptions to this if you have low coverage such as a limited yearly amount like a health spending account of for instance $300.00 per year. This would not be enough to cover your supplies and in this case, you may email Lori Harmon the AADL program manager (see below) and she will work with people that need extra assistance but it is based on a case by case scenario. For example, this may involve her writing a letter to your insurance company stating that you are not eligible which may increase the amount your insurance company is willing to cover or AADL covering your supplies after your amount has run out in a situation such as a health spending account.

Be careful not to sign the back of the AADL 1250 form as by signing you are admitting that you do not have other insurance. If you have other insurance and you sign the 1250 form and go through the AADL program it is considered insurance fraud.


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