Ostomy Visitor Program

J-Pouch Volunteer Visiting Service

We provide one-on-one support for people undergoing the procedure or considering it. We provide visitors to hospital patients and whose who have been discharged, plus e-mail and phone counseling and have a forum on Facebook for the exchange of information. We try to cater to the specific needs of each patient.
All of our volunteers have undergone a total colectomy and most have a j-pouch.
All of our volunteers have undergone security clearance and are fully trained
We are honest about the positives and the negatives of having the surgery and try to cover topics like:
– diet / gas
– skin care
– emotional impacts
– medications / supplements
– any other topic raised
We encourage you to list your concerns and questions in advance to ensure we cover all the items you want to discuss. Family members or any member of your ” support team ” are welcome to attend any face to face discussions .

Request A Visitor

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