Ostomy Visitor Program

Ostomy Visitor Program

For People & Their Families Living With An Ostomy

What Is The Ostomy Visitor Program?

The goal of the Ostomy Visitor Program is to reduce the emotional burden of people who have undergone or will undergo ostomy or j-pouch surgery, so they may return to their former physical, social and economic status. The Purpose of the Ostomy Visitor Program is to certify members of Calgary Ostomy Society as trained ostomy visitors. It is the ultimate objective of the program to make trained visitors available to people and to their support persons.

Where Does This Help Begin?

It begins with a certified visitor who is a member of Calgary Ostomy Society. This visitor is a volunteer calling on someone who has had surgery or is considering it. Visitors are people of all ages and backgrounds; but they all have the common bond of having intestinal or urinary diversions. Your physician, NSWOC nurse or hospital support team could refer you to a visitor in your area.

Who Is A Visitor?

A visitor is a member of Calgary Ostomy Society who has trained to become a certified visitor under the administration of our Visiting Coordinator, Kaylee Janse. Referrals will come to the Coordinator through the hospital staff, physicians, NSWOC nurses and individuals themselves. The visitor comes prepared to share knowledge, positive experiences and be a support.

Who Do You Contact?

You can contact the Visiting Coordinator by using the form below. NSWOC nurses, physicians, vendors and persons with an ostomy are free to use this form.


It is important for you to know that your visit with a visitor will be kept confidential as well as any information you might share.

Types of Visits

– Preop and postop visits
– At home visits
– In hospital visits
– Phone and online visits
– “Temporary” ostomy visit
– J-Pouch surgery visits
– The patient with a disability
– The patient who is terminally ill
– Child visits and parents of children
– Spouses and significant other visits

Who Selects Your Visitor?

The Visitor Coordinator selects your visitor from a list of trained certified visitors; keeping in mind simliar ostomy surgery, age, gender and background. This will be an individual prepared to share positive experiences and knowledge and be a support person over the coming months and years.


Support is likely to be most effective when it is a team effort that includes medical professionals, family and close friends, and the Calgary Ostomy Society visitor. Please request that your family be involved in these visits so that your support team will be more knowledgeable with what your are experiencing. No matter what the outcome, most people need much support from the time of diagnosis and througout the rehabilitation process.

Educational Material

Calgary Ostomy Society has handouts available for you when making an initial visit. Following your surgery, you might not feel like visiting, so this information will be able to enlighten you when you are home. Contact information will be included.

Become A Certified Visitor

If you are a member of Calgary Ostomy Society and wish to become a visitor then you should contact our Visitor Coordinator, who will discuss the visiting program with you and what the selection of visitor candidates involves. The decision to become a visitor and helping others who share the same bond is very rewarding. For current openings, visit our Volunteer Opportunities. Please use the form below, and mention in the comments that you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Request A Visitor

Please fill out this form to request a visitor.