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Ostomy Youth Camp Cancelled Due to Covid-19

It is with great regret that due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) crisis the 2020 Ostomy Canada Youth Camp has been cancelled. The health and safety of the campers and volunteers is our main concern. Although this will be a great disappointment for our campers and volunteers, we are pleased to announce that the Camp Committee will be hosting Zoom meetings each month. Our goal for the Zoom meetings is to continue to foster friendships, have a bit of fun, encourage self-confidence and make some fun lasting memories where our campers can come together and share experiences they would have made if not for the pandemic.
Ostomy Canada appreciates your support and your partnership is greatly valued by our organization. We hope to have a fantastic year with our campers at the 2021 Ostomy Canada Youth Camp.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Lisa Gausman, Ostomy Canada Youth Camp Administrator

A unique and exciting opportunity for young people,
between the ages of 9 and 18, with an ostomy or related special needs

Mission Statement

“Once they witness the magic, your kids are forever changed!”

To provide an opportunity for young people aged 9-18 with consideration to emotional growth and maturity, who have ostomies or other special related needs (intermittent catheterization; urinary or bowel incontinence; internal pouch; Crohn’s disease, cecostomy tube or Ulcerative Colitis), to attend camp and participate in camp activities under professional supervision.
– Provide formal/informal education on: anatomy and physiology, self esteem and coping, sexuality – Encourage independence and self confidence with personal care and camp activities – Provide individual mentorship on stoma care and ostomy related needs (physical and or psychosocial).

Camp Basics

Are you interested in sending your child to camp? 


Children between the ages 9 – 18 who have had or who will have bowel or bladder diversionary surgery (such as an ostomy) or who have related special needs (i.e. self catheterization, bowel and bladder incontinence), due to birth defects, trauma or disease (e.g. Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer, Spina Bifida).


Ostomy Youth Camp for 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19!

Visit Ostomy Canada’s website for more information!

For 2020, the cost is $650.00. Room and board is included in the fee, but transportation to and from camp is not.
Contact Ostomy Canada for information about current registration fees and for information about financial assistance.
No child is ever denied the opportunity to attend camp because of financial need. Your local ostomy chapter can also sponsor a child to attend camp.


Easter Seals Camp Horizon
Hwy 66 10 KM Southwest of Bragg Creek, Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0

It’s Really All About…


– Formal/informal education sessions
– Swimming
– Rafting
– Camp out
– Arts and crafts
– Outdoor recreation
– Dance
– Rap sessions




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S&C Currie Photography